We are a Gallery devoted to the Photographic Arts as well as other forms of Artistic Expression and Media.

We allow the artists the opportunity to present, promote, market and share their bodies of work. We further encourage and promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and inspiration. We are serious about Art, without taking ourselves too seriously...

Forest & Ocean Gallery represents the following Resident Artists: 

Elizabeth Attenborough - Photographer Website Bio 
Ron Azevedo - Photographer  Website Bio 
Donna Bader - Photographer  Website Bio 
Roger Bennett - Photographer  Website Bio 
Sukhdev Dail - Sculptor  Website Bio 
Stuart Hack - Ceramic Artist  Website Bio 
Barbara Higgins - Photographer  Website Bio 
Bill Kasper - Glassblower/Sculptor  Website Bio 
Barbara Ann Leideritz - Photographer / Printmaker  Website Bio 
Dave Ness - Photographer  Website  Bio 
Ludo Leideritz - Photographer / Printmaker  Website Bio 
Alan Ross - Photographer  Website Bio 
Wendell Stanley - Photographer  Website Bio 
James Stone - Glassblower / Sculptor  Website Bio 
Cheyne Walls - Photographer  Email Bio 
Paul Woodward - Ceramicist / Sculptor  Email Bio