Ludo Leideritz was born in the Netherlands, and as a part of his Dutch upbringing, was introduced to the arts at an early age. Music, drawing and painting were hobbies; these formed the basis of his expressions.

His love of nature and historic places came as a result of his many travels around the world. He took up photography when we was eighteen. The first camera was a Canon FT, which went everywhere with him. His photographic skills were at first self-acquired, mostly through extensive readings and practice over the years. These were later refined through formal training and workshops with renowned practitioners.

His main method of image capture is still film, using a large-format cam- era. This enables him to resolve image quality that allows many possibilities, from platinum prints to large murals. To him, it’s all about the print; the final expression of the photographic artist. The ability to make the print resonate to the viewer is the objective.

About Forest & Ocean

Opened in July of 2012, we are a Fine Art Gallery devoted to varied forms of artistic expression and media, representing 30+ award winning artists, many of whom are juried Festival Artists. We further encourage and promote the exchange of knowledge, ideas and inspiration though our F&O Forums. Our well-planned space allows Forest & Ocean Gallery to include featured monthly exhibits showcasing the tremendous talent of our artists as well as guest artists and renowned industry professionals. We are also the resident gallery to Laguna Plein Air Painters Association, hosting monthly exhibitions in collaboration.

Prior to 2012, the Gallery was situated in South Coast Metro for five years, showcasing fine-art photography, ceramics and sculpture.

Forest & Ocean has become one of the pre-eminent galleries in Laguna Beach, through its involvement with the community, including hosting events for Laguna College of Art + Design, the City of Laguna Beach, as well as various community organizations.

Ludo Leideritz